Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jackson's Room ... FINALLY complete

Jackson's room has been painted for a few months, but the last lingering project was to recover his glider rocker cushions and make a new pillow!  I seriously have had the fabric sitting in the corner on my room in the JoAnn bag for 3 months!!

Here is the final product ... I absolutely LOVE the colors!!  If you would have told me the gray would have looked awesome, I would have told you NO WAY ... but it rocks!   Good job hubby on picking it out!

Artwork my mom found before Jackson was born and before we knew it was a boy!

Love love love this decal!

Jackson Grant Long ... so presidential huh?

You can see the green glider cushion in the bottom of this picture ... no more ...

My first sewing job since 8th grade!  I think it turned out pretty good!!  The extra white pillows are my new "nursing support" pillows!  My arms always fall asleep while he is nursing.  Probably b/c of his big head! Ha!

Of course sis wanted to be the first one in the chair!

Up close of the pattern colors that match PERFECTLY!

I am so glad our room re-do's are over for awhile!!  So much work ... yet such an awesome reward and finished product!


Anonymous said...

The room looks great and you did a good job with all the colors and the chair covers. Maybe Jackson Grant will be president some day. Who knows?

Sophia looks so comfortable in that chair and she sure is a pretty,sweet girl.

Darlene Campbell

Alicia said...

Yay for gray! We painted this new baby's nursery gray and are doing primary colors, mostly red and yellow...we'll "boy" or "girl" it up some once this kid pops out. :) Jackson's room looks GREAT!

Amy said...

I love it!! I hope you are doing well!!! :)