Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ahhh ... the taste of Michigan in February!

With the kids in bed last night at 7:30pm, Nate and I were able to sit down and enjoy peace, chocolate, talking, and wine!   We don't usually do anything really elaborate on Valentines Day, but try to come up with meaningful and economical plans to better strengthen our marriage!   We love sitting at the table in candlelight and enjoying a yummy dessert (a must make for everyone!) and some wonderfully refreshing wine.  I picked a book chapter to discuss while Nate picked a podcast to share.  It was wonderful to connect with each other while the normal hustle and bustle of life STOPPED for 2 hours!!

Thanks Mama Pea for the wonderful recipe!  So glad it made  enough for leftovers today!

Ahhhh .... so tasty!!  So refreshing and so Michigan!  

Our Valentines celebration makes me long for our Grand Haven, MI summer vacation in July!  Ahhh .... the warm weather, beautiful MI coast, friends, and family!!  What more can a girl ask for ...

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