Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Epic Success and Failure all in one day ...

We should begin with the epic failure ....

Looks like a VERY VERY dense doughnut ... not a loaf of bread!

My first attempt at Gluten-free baking in the bread machine without researching recipes!   I thought I can just sub the flour and add some Xanthum Gum ... well, I was WRONG!!  Back to square one ... GOOGLE!!  I need to find good recipes that work to make GF bread b/c buying a tiny loaf for $5.50 each time isn't sustainable!!  Anyone have any good recipes?

On to the epic success ....  THANK YOU PINTEREST and this blog!

I made a few changes .... turned the "I love you ..." into a "We love you ..."  I traced each one of our hands since Sophia, Jackson, and I all LOVE our favorite Valentine!!

I have a funny story about our little craft.   Sophia and I called Nate around noon to wish him a Happy Valentines Day.  She was telling him about our morning and that we just were working on a "craft" for him for a present.  She started telling him that we were tracing hands, but I quickly quieted her and said ... "Shhhh, don't tell so daddy will be surprised!"  She said, "Mommy, I want to tell him, no secrets!"  She told him that we were tracing our hands for him and that we had to trace Jackson's hands when he got done nursing.  Nate tells me later during the conversation, "Oh, all I ever wanted for Valentine's Day is a copy of hands!"  HA!!

Wonder if he will be impressed??

Do you have any fun Valentines crafts or projects you are working on for your VALENTINE??


Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

This is so cute! I love this idea, will have to try it next year. I bet Nate loved it. :)

Jesse said...

This is a blog written by a lady I know who cooks/bakes GF...lots of good GF recipes here: http://anapriladay.blogspot.com/