Friday, February 10, 2012

A Valentines Card!

This year Sophia was asked to bring 10 Valentines for her Valentines Party at Preschool.  We looked at all the Valentines at Target and I was not at all impressed.  I couldn't justify spending $4-6 on a box of Valentines plus they were major lame-o!!  What is a girl to do when she needs valentines?  Of course, hop on Pinterest and find a super cute, easy idea!!  Pinterest very rarely disappoints!!  I found this pin and had to try it!  I made a few changes to make them a little cheaper!

What do you think?

They were super easy ... quick hole punch in the card, feed the pipe cleaner through the back (see below), cut out red hearts out of card stock, add the wiggly eyes, a nose, and smile, then glue the face onto the card!  Last, wrap the "hand" around the sucker!

Used a little peace of tape on the end of the sucker so it wouldn't be as "floppy"

The best smile I could get ... she was being extra silly this morning!
Sophia helped on the first few, but then it got a little boring she said!  Ha!!  She loved putting on the wiggly eyes!!  

I was able to snap a few more pictures over the past few days!

She loves practicing her letters.  "S" is her favorite letter!  I wonder why!

My sweet boy with Daddy's favorite shirt!  Already have him in baby camping gear! Ha!

Yes, she really has Christmas Mickey socks on.  The girl lives in those things!  Some things aren't worth the fight!

Have a wonderful weekend!!  

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