Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey Go Long! Go Green! readers!!!  

Many of you are FB fans of GoGreen Pocket Diapers (if you aren't, you so should be!) and have been following her status updates!  Hopefully in a few weeks they will start production of the CHAMP 2.0!!  

If you don't remember my review of the Original CHAMP, click HERE.

The improvements for the CHAMP 2.0 ....

1) 3rd snap on waist tabs to prevent wing droop

2) Front pocket flap cover will be contoured to keep it from popping up over the top of the dipe AND made of PUL! (similar to BG flip)

3) Additional back pocket opening cover, contoured, and made of the lining material

4) Rise snaps will be reinforced with a 2nd layer of PUL

5) Inserts will have a second snap so that many can be snapped together!  (Woot Woot!)

Here is a picture Leah sent me ... she said it will be slightly different from this, but you can get the jist!!  

GOOD NEWS FOR GO LONG! GO GREEN! readers .... I will be one of the first to review it and host a giveaway .... so get pumped ... THE CHAMP 2.0 is COMING SOON!!

What improvement are you most excited about?

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coleregis said...

oo! Can hardly wait! I like the double gussets!