Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Baby Hannah Pics!!

Of course I am ONE PROUD AUNT .... So that means I have to share my new pictures of Hannah Elizabeth!

Sleepy Girl!

Wide Awake!

Mama Sarah finally sitting up in a chair!  I know it felt so good!

Is anyone else but me jealous of her PERFECT skin???
Lord-willing and doctor-willing, Sarah and Hannah will be coming home TODAY!  Can't wait to drive 5 minutes to their house and see them!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Allyson,

I think your pictures of your niece (Hannah) are so good and I'm glad they all get to come home today.

I think Hannah looks like her daddy when she is awake but I see some resemblance to Sophia in her when she is sleeping.

Enjoy visiting with Sarah & Hannah when they come home.

God Bless,