Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pelican Bib UPDATE -- Company Goes Under??

Back in November, I reviewed the Pelican Bib.  You might remember it?  

In January, my blog winner still had yet to receive her bib so I contacted the company and forwarded them her current address.   I never heard back from the company!  In Feb, the winner contacted me again, so I once again emailed the company and NEVER heard back.  Also, my bib actually cracked a few weeks ago.  I included pictures of my bib (which we use almost daily b/c it works so well) as well as requesting correspondence back regarding the winner's bib.

I tried to pull up their website and it is not currently up.  I looked on Amazon for the product and it said, "not in stock."   The last thing posted on their FB page was the link to my blog review/giveaway.  With the information I have, I am afraid to admit, but I think the company went under.  I am quite embarrassed and frustrated!  

They knew we had an active giveaway going on ... if they were going under, why wouldn't they save just ONE bib for the winner.  Or at least contact me and let me know the situation!!  

I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in this company and really would appreciate some sort of explanation.  How do you tell your winner ... um ... yes, you won fair and square, but there is no prize for your win!

Have any other bloggers had this same problem in the past?  If so, how did you handle it?  I would really appreciate suggestions!!


Mama to 4 said...

Wow! I had a problem in the past with a company who told me a certain item to giveaway, I chose the winner than they came back & said no we told you something different even though I had their e-mail to me saying otherwise! So I explained it to the winner and told them to enter another one of my giveaways and I would make sure they would win, than chose a new winner. This was the only thing I could think of. Just a suggestion. Sorry you had to go through this - such a hassel!

PA LaPresti's said...

So sorry that you have to go thru this. It truly sucks. I was stiffed by Kae's Kloset on FB. I won a $20 store credit, she said she would PM me the voucher code & never did. After numerous unanswered emails asking where my code was, I find out that she is closing. I am just chalking it up to her being ignorant. Nicole's idea is pretty good. Maybe you can work something out with the winner. Hope things work out for you. :-)

Todd Moore said...

Notice the company is Silver rated.

Allison, Take a look at the reviews. Who is giving the review? On my site, I give a link or reference who is giving the compliment.

Also notice the psychology of the reviews. One complaint followed by very similar reviews that praised it almost the same way but differently, yet the same.

They show Major League Baseball and claim its licensed. I am not doubting this, but if that is the case, there is a royalty agreement or some sort of fee arrangement. You don't get this for free.

Speculation is rough and it could be a vast array of things. Some are takers in the world and some are givers. We need to learn to separate the two. We need to teach capitalism with "responsibility."

To that end, great things happen to great people. Tell your winner she has just won herself a WowTowel instead. Far outweighing the bib she will never see.

God bless and keep plugging away to help enhance families.

Please email me Allison and I will send her a WowTowel.

Amy Talmage said...

I actually wore thi same bib as a babe way back in the early '80s there are snap shots to prove it. My grandmother just got rid of my pelican bib a few years ago when she was moving. I bought my son's pelican bib off Amazon last fall and just noticed a crack in the pelican part making sort of ineffectve. I went to find the company to voice my frustration and could only find you. I'm upset that now I can't even replace the broke bib and will have to find another molded plastic bib.