Thursday, October 15, 2009


(This isn't Heidi, but looks an awful lot like her!)

My parents dog, Heidi, is ripe in years (aka ... on her last leg). She has become quite docile in her later years and is quite pleasant to be around. However, at times, she has problems with her bladder and stomach. At least a few times per week, my mom finds a little "surprise" around the house. Last week when Nate and I were down Monday dropping Sophia off ... Heidi left a little "surprise" next to the oven! Dad thought the oven was dripping water, put his hand in it, and sure enough it was pee! Nate decided Heidi needed a new name ... Puddles. Quite appropriate now since "puddles" seem to mark her previous location!

All of this being said, last night during mom's birthday celebration, we thought Puddles left a surprise at our house! After laughing and blaming Puddles for the mess, we quickly realized the real culprit: SOPHIA!

Sophia was jumping in her Baby Einstein Jumperoo next to the table while we were eating dinner. She was in the best mood, laughing, talking with Heidi, playing with her toys, etc. She could have won an adorable baby contest during the 30 minute dinner session! Since it was time for Sophia to go to bed, mom picked her up to take her back to her bedroom. Mom said, "Why are the bottom of Sophia's socks soaked? You could ring them out they are so wet." I bent down and saw a little "puddle" under her jumperoo. We all said, "Puddles ... did you leave a present for Sophia?" Poor Puddles just looked at us, then went back to sleep. After closer examination, Sophia's rear end was soaked as well! (She had a Huggies disposable diaper on from when my dad changed her when I was gone). She must have been jumping so much that she shifted her diaper -- allowing a path for quick escape! Poor girl -- jumped so hard she squished the pee right out of her diaper, under her pants, down her leg, and to her socks.

Who would have thought jumping around in your own pee could be so much fun and provide such joy!!!

Hope you got a good laugh!! We sure did!


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