Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calling all Faithful Blog Readers...

.... someone needs your urgent prayers!

I was just informed that one of my college friend's husband (Brad) lost his job yesterday. They have four small boys, and she is an awesome stay-at-home mom!!! Please pray for their family and pray that God would provide a job for her husband!!! God has done some amazing things in their family and I am confident that He will continue to provide!!!

Brad's degree is in Graphic Design. He has worked the past 5 years on the engineering side in both transportation and site planning. If you know of any job openings or connections, PLEASE leave a comment and I will relay it to Jen!

Please ask your friends to pray as well!


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The Murray Crew said...

HOLY SMOKES! Do you know HOW MUCH I love you? Thank you for blessing us! In tears over this post. Thanks, sweet friend!