Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beasly's Orchard Play Date

This afternoon we met 3 other mom's and their kids at Beasley's Orchard! We all had a wonderful time! It is so fun watching these kids interact with one another! Sophia is the "mother hen" of the group, as she is the oldest!!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy!

Maeve, Nathan, Isaac, and Sophia. Maeve decided she wanted to love on Nathan and give him a smooch! Well, Nathan didn't like it too much and the tears started flowing!! Guess he isn't ready for the ladies yet!

Sophia standing up in between pictures!

Mom and Sophia. She was so preoccupied watching everyone, she couldn't seem to look up at the camera!

Maeve decided to hit on Isaac during this photoshoot! He likes the girls!!

Ahhhh.... two buddies!

We girls gotta stick together!!! :)

My little punkin sittin' in da pumpkins!



Apryl said...

Gotta love Beasley's! Looks like you guys had fun. Those are some cute pictures!

DEBSIK said...

absolutely love these pix- looks like you guys had a wonderful timeeco