Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It has only just begun...

What you may ask? Stealing toys from other kids!! :)

Today Sophia and I headed down to the 'Burgh to visit Erin, Laurel, and the boys. It was the first time to see their new house! (They have done some great renovations. It is looking awesome!) Sophia and I hadn't seen Laurel for about 4 months -- so the visit was long overdue! Erin and I talk so much via email, FB, phone -- that I couldn't believe it had been that long since we actually had a face-to-face conversation! I think it was just what we both needed!! For those of you that don't know, Erin and I were pot-luck roommates freshman year at Butler and have remained great friends ever since that year!! It has been fun to watch our families grow together!!

I was able to document their interaction today with pictures! It all happened so quickly -- boy those kids move fast!!

Sweet, innocent Laurel -- chewing on her plastic hammer ... minding her own business!

Sophia enters the picture ... "Oh, look at me ... such a cutie with a big smile!"

Sophia: "That toy is MINE .... hahaha"
Laurel: "Yeah, not sure what just happened."

Laurel: "I finally got my toy back, but seriously ... another picture? Really?"
Sophia: "I am just sittin' pretty! All innocent and content, playing with my sock."

Sophia: "Wait, there is that toy I was playing with."
Laurel: "You will have to pry it from my hands."
Sophia: "Ok, I am strong!"

Sophia: "Ha Ha Ha ... I got it now!" (Mommy in the background, 'Sophia that wasn't very nice, you should give that back to Laurel.')
Laurel: "Hey wait, that is my toy!"

Sophia: "Who me? I didn't do a thing!"
Laurel: (Still pondering what just happened!)

Laurel: "Fine, I will just get another toy -- you can have the hammer!!"
Sophia: "Gee thanks, it is mighty tasty!!"

Oh, and the drama only begins... wait till the teen years huh?

At least we ended the day with a nice walk! Aren't the girls so cute side-by-side in "THE BOB?" (and check out that awesome hat Erin knitted for Laurel!)


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Erin P said...

Ethan is cracking up as i roll off all your captions. I told him after this comment, I'd read them for him again :)