Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beasley's and Baird's!

Elissa Kate, Allyson, and Sophia

Saturday afternoon Chris, Ingrid, and Elissa Kate came to visit! Elissa is ~10 days (or so) younger than Sophia!! It was so much fun to see them interact. The more and more Sophia interacts with other children, I see her personality coming out. I have a feeling she is going to be a pistol. Your typical first-born traits are present!! Guess first-born's don't turn out all too bad since I was one!!

We let the girls play for a bit while we caught up! We headed out to Beasley's Orchard for the hayride out to the pumpkin patch! There were some MASSIVE pumpkins out there!! After the pumpkin patch, Nate and I had to get some more apples at the Orchard. We had a nice dinner at Los Rancheros to warm up! We put Elissa and Sophia's high chairs right next to each other. It was so cute to watch them trying to touch each other. Sophia was very interested in stealing Elissa's Cheerios!

We had a great time and were thankful the Baird's came for a visit!

"Ahhhhhhhh!! I love this place!"

In the back of the pumpkin patch!! Boy was that sun bright! Poor Sophia didn't have any sunglasses!!

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!!


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