Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weirder things have happened...

Is Weirder a word? Is it even spelled correctly?? Oh well!

Peanut and I were driving from my Brownsburg office to my downtown Indy office on Tuesday during lunch time. We were jamming in the car to some good 'ole fashion 80's tunes (gotta get a dose of them every month or so). As I passed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I noticed traffic on 16th street was slowing down. I couldn't really figure out why everyone was tapping their breaks. Well, the closer I get, I see a very frail old man (probably at least 80-85 years old), walking on 16th street in the right turn lane with his walker. He was on oxygen and carrying the can on his shoulder. He also had a CVS pharmacy prescription bag in his hands. (Granted he was 200 ft in front of a CVS where he must have just come from.) I was quite puzzled by this situation and I will tell you why -- b/c there was a perfectly good sidewalk 10 ft from the street!!! Yes, this older gentleman was walking (with a walker) down 5-lane 16th street instead of using the sidewalk! He wouldn't have even needed to share the sidewalk b/c NO ONE else was around!! I really hope that man made it to his final destination and wasn't hurt! Not everyone drives as cautious as myself, now that I have a peanut growing inside of me!!!!

I just found this "weird" happening to be blog worthy... hope you enjoy!!!

Allyson, Peanut, and the weird 16th street "walker" man!

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Jill said...

I really found this post quite funny (although I hope the old man ultimately was safe!) but I truly got a kick out of your picture:)