Friday, October 3, 2008

A few words to an Anonymous reader ...

To the person that has written many hurtful comments on our FAMILY blog:

After the first VERY hurtful comments you posted on the blog, I deleted them and tried to ignore how hurtful they were to myself and my family. You said that "I had lost a reader."

However, you did not stop reading.... You proceeded to write two more EXTREMELY hurtful comments last night on the blog that I did not appreciate at all. I can't imagine saying such hurtful and horrible comments on any one's blog, despite what you may think in your head. I believe that you are a coward b/c you did not even have the courage to sign your name to those comments and take responsibility for them. Don't you remember the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Due to your lack of respect for me and my family, I will have to change the comment field so that I have to "approve" a comment before it is actually posted.

This blog was created to serve as a journal to later print off and show our little one of our journey towards birth and all of the happenings while she was "baking" in the oven!!

To all the other faithful Long Family Chronicle readers and supporters, I greatly appreciate your positive comments during this time of excitement, growth, maturation, and pain! I am truly encouraged by your comments and am grateful to have such wonderful friends to support us during this exciting time in our lives!



Erin A. said...

I can't believe anyone would say anything hurtful on your blog! That makes me sick! Don't let it upset you too much. It's probably not even anyone you know and it certainly isn't someone who cares about you. I love your blog and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

erin p. said...

Don't worry - the hurtful blogger will likely have to answer for his/her comments for eternity. He/she probably has much bigger problems even than writing horrible comments. He/she needs prayer!!

Katie! said...

I'm sorry that you're having problems with a jerk who has nothing better to do than stalk other people's family blogs. Boo. Keep writing and ignore the troll.

Also, if you're serious about printing out your blog, you might be interested in It's a fantastic service that allows you to print your own books (you can actually sell them, too) and they're beautiful. I have several friends who've used it for their blogs and have been thrilled with the result.

Don't let the jerk get you down! Keep writing and documenting this crazy time - as I've recently discovered, it doesn't last forever!