Saturday, October 25, 2008

A day full of PINK...

A day to paint the town PINK!! Friday was our first nursery work day! Dad and Grandpa came up to help us get ready for our Princess' arrival! The guys arrived at about 10am and I had a nice warm breakfast for them! After filling our bellies, we all got to work. Dad and Nate started painting while Grandpa and I put together the crib! Below you will find pictures from the day! The last picture is what we have done thus far... we still have LOTS to do to finalize the nursery, but we still have plenty of time. Once we have it done, we will post more pictures! Enjoy!

Nate and I taped the room on Thursday night to prepare for the Friday PAINT-DAY!

Nate painting coat #1! Isn't Peanut's daddy a stud? :)

Dad taking a break to smile for the picture! He is pretty happy at this moment in time b/c he just had a nice tall glass of CF Diet Pepsi to quench his thirst!! His job was "cutting in" during coat #1. What a champ!

Here is Grandpa Kiesel trapped in Peanut's crib!!! Or at least it looks that way huh?? Grandpa and I were a great team putting together the crib!! We thought we should only put three sides on in the living room b/c we knew we couldn't get it through the narrow bedroom doorway! Well, we had to end up taking off one of the sides b/c it still wouldn't fit. We needed a "C" curve to get it into the bedroom and we were dealing with an "S" curve!! Oh well... as you can see below, we were able to get it finished.

This is Peanut's room thus far. Doesn't that pink look awesome against the white woodwork? Looking back, we wished we would have found a white crib, but the other furniture pieces we are borrowing and/or have, all have a honey/maple finish -- thus the honey finish for the crib.

We still need to put up the valence (it can been seen on our Amazon registry) -- but we have to find the perfect rod for it.

We are borrowing Sarah's glider rocker which had baby blue colored cushions. As you can see the pads are missing off the chair and foot stool. I am going to recover it with a sage green material to match the valence. You might ask, how are you going to do that? Well, that is a great question -- I still don't know the answer to it! Does anyone reading specialize in recovering cushions??? If so, please let me know so I can pick your brain!!

We also have to pick up the changer/dresser from a wonderful family up on the Northside. It is coming together... but it still needs lots of work. I won't even show you the inside of Peanut's closet yet! It is a mess -- however full of cute clothes for next summer!!! :)

Allyson and Peanut


Erin A. said...

It's beautiful!!! Princess Peanut is going to love her room!

Apryl said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person :) Baby Long will hopefully get LOTS of zzzz's in this room.