Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keep on truckin'

Don't ya just love the little 3D wiget picture of Peanut for this week? I had a fun time in photoshop adding some text!! LM - doesn't Peanut look a little bit more in proportion these days? Good thing huh? Would hate to have a Peanut with a HUGE head and tiny arms and legs!! I might get a few weird looks walking down the road!!

Since I blogged the last time, quite a bit has happened!! Apryl and I headed up north to the wonderful Babies R Us and I finished my registry! I would never have been able to do that without her excellent help and recommendations! Wow, that is a daunting task for a first time mom!!! I hope to pass on the favor to someone else once I have a little "experience" under my belt! I also finished up my registry as well. So, I think I have covered all my boundaries for first time mom supplies and needs!! At least I hope!

Today I did my bloodwork to prepare for my 28 week appointment next week!! Included in the bloodwork was a CBC, Syphilis, and a 1 hour Glucose Challenge test! We can say I passed the Syphilis test with flying colors -- as if I imagine you were all worried!! :) I kicked butt in the 1 hour Glucose Challenge test with a BS of 97! Oh yeah!! Pretty impressive after a 50 gram load of glucose!! I was pretty thrilled with the good 'ole body!! The only thing that wasn't up to par was my hemoglobin (10.8; normal is 12-14) and hematocrit (31.2; normal is 34-36). Sounds like Peanut is leaching all of my iron stores!! No wonder I have been pretty tired lately! I just chalked it up to the pregnancy!! I need to start eating more of my iron-rich foods!! You might be able to call me Popeye soon!!

I have to say the Glucola wasn't as bad as I had expected. They gave me 10 oz of lemon lime glucola and I stuck it in the fridge for 3 hours. The lady at the lab said, "you can pour it over a cup of ice." I was thinking to myself -- "Self, is this really going to make 50 grams of sugar taste any better???" I have to say, I got it down in less than the recommended 5 minutes. I would have to equate it to 10 year old Flat Regular Sprite, double the syrup/sugar! Yum!! Doesn't that make you want to go out to the store and pick up a Sprite? Believe me, I won't be drinking a Sprite in the near future at all!! All in all, I survived and was thrilled to have good results!

This week in the news:
-Peanut’s lungs and immune system are maturing this week as she prepares for her grand entrance. They tell me that is she were born today, she would have an 85 percent chance of surviving as her lungs are capable of breathing air (with medical assistance, of course). I don’t know if I should be encouraged by that statement or frightened? Hum???
-Peanut’s length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks!
-Peanut’s brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. Her brain waves are now firing away just like those of a newborn baby.
-Peanut should weigh over 2 lbs and be about 14.5 inches in length!
-Peanut’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers.

Well, that is all on the home front... hope you enjoyed our busy life update!

Allyson and Peanut


Whitney and Jake said...

Sounds like you made it through the glucose test better than me -- my scores were fine, but my body DID NOT like the glucose drink -- my body went into shock and I passed out. Since they weren't worried about gestational diabetes they just skipped the test altogether with my 2nd pregnancy.

erin p said...

27 weeks is when Deacon "tried" to be born - be encouraged by the 85% :) I remember everything they told me about how it might go if he was born... You mentioned Peanut measures ahead...when they did the US of Deacon when he was trying to be born, they estimated him at over 3 pounds!
Might keep an eye on your registry as November rolls closer - I went shopping at BRUs for a co-worker yesterday with group money and all THREE of her big items had been discontinued... She didn't register that long ago!