Monday, October 6, 2008

A place to rest your little head....

Exciting news!!! Peanut has somewhere to lay her precious head when she arrives into this big, scary world!!! A little different than the dark, comfortable, warm womb huh??

Our crib came today!! (See it's picture to the left) You may ask, why in the world did you order it already? You still have 10-12 weeks left??? Well, all the places I was reading said to order the crib 6-8 weeks before you need it b/c it takes that long to come in!! We ordered it late last week b/c of those reasons and it already appeared!!! I assume the biggest challenge will be putting it together!!! Hopefully the directions are easy to read and comprehend!!! What a fun husband/wife activity!!! Can't you just see it now???

I also ordered the Mattress from b/c I found it cheaper than Target as well as Free Shipping!! We got that last Friday!! Only took 2 days!!! Oh yeah!!!

We can't wait to have a little princess to put in that crib!!

Well, stay tuned... 28 week update tomorrow, plus doctor appt tomorrow!!

Allyson and Peanut


Katie! said...

That's the same one we have! It is pretty simple to put together (though it did take both of us) and is beautiful. We got the cherry stain.

Congrats on the important acquisition!

Whitney and Jake said...

We ordered our nursery things pretty early as well. I just wanted to be prepared in case of an early arrival. The less to deal with after the baby arrives the better! Have fun putting it all together.