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Inspired by Finn AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE Review and Giveaway

Did ya, did ya know ......

Did you know that Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin?  Did you know it could potentially give relief in 10-15 different medical conditions?  Did you know amber releases "heating oils" (succinic acid) that are absorbed through the skin and then into the bloodstream?  Did you know that succinate is a raw material and a catalyst in the Krebs Cycle which is one of our main sources of energy?  During the Krebs Cycle, carbs, fats, and proteins are metabolized for energy.

(Info taken from Inspired by Finn)

Historically, Baltic Amber has been used in Europe as a natural and traditional remedy and curative for many ailments for centuries. Long ago it was considered one of the leading ‘medicines’ of its time. Baltic Amber is the most esteemed amber in the world, and the healing qualities of Baltic Amber make it unlike any other type of amber found in the world.  When Baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin. 
Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of Succinic Acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways. 

Among other things, amber is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin. Commonly known as "teething jewelry," Baltic amber has been a natural and traditional European remedy for teething discomfort for hundreds of years. To read more about the many benefits of Baltic amber, click here


Our necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted and are made of authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world. The translucency of amber depends on the amount of air bubbles contained within a piece of amber and their distribution. Some believe the color is related to the type of tree source. 

Succinic acid is the most beneficial component of the amber. It is scientifically accepted that the darkest colored amber generally contains less succinic acid than lighter colors. The more cloudy or opaque amber is, the more succinic acid it contains (and usually the more cloudy amber is the nearer to the color white it becomes).

The necklace fastens with a screw clasp, and the necklace cord is knotted in between each bead. Please be sure and measure for the length you need. For guidance on measuring, please click here

 Baltic Amber may be helpful the relief of:
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint paint (associated with chemotherapy)
  • Menstrual Cramping
  • Teething Discomfort
  • Sensory Tissues
  • Growing Pains
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Orthodontic Brace Adjustments
  • … and more!

I LOVE this Lemonade amber teething necklace!  Sophia is getting in her 2nd year molars and constantly has her finger at the back of her mouth.  It is so hard for me to get used to her hands in her mouth because she never really did as a baby.  Each time she puts her hands in her mouth I think of all the nasty germs that are going with them.  Sophia had this necklace on all day yesterday and didn't have her hands in her mouth once while wearing it.  A huge accomplishment in my book!    


Sophia LOVES wearing her necklace too!  She keeps saying, "My necklace, pretty mama."  Yes, I tell her, you are beautiful!  What little girl doesn't want to hear that?  HA!  She has been pretty gentle with it and hasn't tried to put it in her mouth, but I am keeping a close eye on her.  It is not advised for children to chew on it because the beads are "soft" and could break.  

I also plan to recommend these necklaces/bracelets to a few friends and family members of mine that are in chronic pain.  I would be very anxious to hear how it works on an adult.  From the testimonials, it sounds like people of all ages and all chronic issues have had much relief from the Inspired By Finn Baltic amber products!  

Finally, some tips to get the maximum therapeutic benefit from wearing the Baltic amber:
- The amber must make direct and continuous contact with your skin.  They should be tucked under the shirt, not worn on top. 
- The amber should be worn as much as possible.  
- The amber should be worn as close to the site of discomfort as possible.
- Choose a light color of amber for the highest amount of succinic acid and thus the greatest therapeutic benefit.  The "milk and butter" color is considered to have the highest concentrations of succinic acid of all colors of amber.  
- Also, I have read the most succinic acid resides in the raw form of the amber.  Although the raw looks a little "rough" so we chose the semi-polished to get the max benefit.  

Important Safety Notice:

- You need to supervise your child at all times while wearing the necklace.
- Amber necklaces are made for wearing not for chewing! Amber will crack and break under too much pressure. 
- Teething jewelry should be removed when child is sleeping or unattended! 
- This blog or the manufacturer is not responsible for any problems due to the misuse of this product.

BUY IT: HERE  (They have killer $1.95 flat shipping on jewelry within the US!)

WIN IT: Inspired By Finn has graciously offered 1 youth amber teething necklace to 1 VERY lucky Go Long! Go Green! reader!

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This giveaway is open to the U.S. and will end on Tuesday Jan 4, 2011 at midnight. The winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. Please, no PO Boxes.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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