Friday, December 17, 2010


Most of you know about my struggles with diaper rashes.  Sophia has the most sensitive skin of anyone I know of.  Heck, she even broke out in a full body rash with Burt's Bee's All-Natural Baby Lotion.  Can you believe it?  Her bum is no exception and that just kills me at times!  Ever since we have started "solid" food back at 5 months, it seems like we have at least 1 rash every month or more!  I have tried everything under the sun!  Seriously, everything!  I usually am pretty good at deceifering the source of the rash, thus using my pharmacy knowledge to know what product is best to apply!  This last rash, I have tried all my normal stand-by's and NOTHING has worked.  You would think since we are in the heart of potty-learning her rashes would go away with all the "dry" time, but no... not this one.

Two days ago, I was FB chatting with Megs over at Cow Pattie Cloth Diapers seeking help on Sophia's latest rash.  I had been putting prescription nystatin/triamcinolone cream on multiple times/day and it didn't help worth squat.  Honestly, the rash looks just like yeast.  Why wouldn't it work?  I mean seriously, nystatin is one of the best topical anti-fungals out there! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Any who, one of her fans suggested I apply coconut oil multiple times a day.  Each time Sophia peed on her little potty, we would "pat" dry with a cloth wipe and then apply this coconut oil!  I have to tell you that after using it for two days, her rash has had significant improvement!  I am just thrilled!!!!!!!!  (I know it is crazy the satisfaction and joy that comes with healing a diaper rash! HA!)  I also love it b/c it is a natural product and is not a drug!!

Here is what we purchased at Walmart in the HBC section for $10!

Everyone has also told me it is safe for cloth diapers and I don't need to use any fleece liners .... although, to be honest, I still get nervous when anything touches my cloth diapers, so I still use my liners!!

Here is an awesome article to check out ....  It discusses the benefits coconut oil has on yeast ...

Here is my favorite excerpt (if you don't have time to read the whole article):

"In countries where coconuts are regularly consumed, candida occurrences are surprisingly low, as noted by Dr. Bruce Fife, a strong believer in the healing power of coconut oil. Although many people in these regions live in conditions that typically promote candida overgrowth, they rarely suffer from candida.

This is because coconut oil is high in both lauric acid and caprylic acid, which both have antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These components of coconut oil target harmful bacteria but leave friendly bacteria alone, which helps balances the flora in the digestive system. They also kill off excess yeast and other fungal overgrowth in the body. Studies in Iceland and Nigeria show coconut oil is an effective agent for killing off candida yeast."
If you have a rash that just won't go away, I recommend trying this out ... or if you live close to me and would like to try a sample, just shoot me an email or comment on this post!  I will hook you up!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Erin A. said...

I told you about coconut oil MONTHS ago! Glad you finally tried it though. It might be the same article, but there is also good info on Pin Strips and Polka Dots cloth diaper website. Funny story...the first time I sent Bryan out to get coconut oil for Ellanor he brought home imitation coconut extract! He He! At least he tried! :)