Thursday, October 28, 2010

Floating Doctors

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I was approached to write a blog post about the Floating Doctors.  Honestly, I had never heard about this mission, but after watching the short 3 minute you tube video, I was awestruck by their incredible plan to serve those less fortunate around the world, in remote locations!   

The Floating Doctors mission reminds me of my medical mission work in El Salvador!  Oh how I just fell in love with those people!  They were so grateful and made a lasting impact on my life!  

Dr. Benjamin LaBrot and his team are going to sail over 20,000 miles searching out people in need!

Here is an excerpt from the Website: 

Floating Doctors is the first global medical team to utilize a green energy platform, the Southern Wind, a 76-foot expedition sailboat. Delivering medical relief to thousands of people in remote coastal areas, Floating Doctors will leave long lasting health benefits and a small carbon footprint in her wake. supports Floating Doctors' approach of employing cutting-edge technology, traditional medicine and altruism to promote better health, and the improvement of health care delivery worldwide.


What an awesome and inspirational story!!  

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Chris and Steff said...

My neighbor was just telling me that her little boy loves these. She gets them at starbucks (she works there) but they are $2/piece. Just FYI!!