Monday, October 11, 2010

Artist Series

Most of my readers know my LOVE for the BumGenius diapers!! They just released a new print line called The Artist Series. This is the first print line in the BG diapers!

The Bum Genius new Artist series by Cotton Babies has sparked many moms to ponder this question: How do you encourage a creative, artistic spirit in your baby, toddler or young child?

Each week, Sophia shows new interest in coloring, learning shapes, and doing fun craft projects. A few months back she showed much interest in learning her numbers, so we started working on 1-10 during each day's coloring session. Instead of coloring, she wants us to write numbers on her coloring sheet. We have slowly started incorporating numbers in with coloring exercises! We also are working on teaching her the different colors and how you can combine crayon colors on the paper! We have started doing small crafts with her in the afternoon! Nate recently took her favorite cereal box and cut it into pieces and turned it into a colorful dice rolling box! Sophia loves shaking dice and tossing them into the cereal box! (Starting Yahtzee early huh?) Each month when I read my copy of Parents and Parenting Magazine, I save the craft ideas so we can do those when she gets older!

Sophia has a very creative side too! She loves imagining with her play kitchen!! In the evening, after dinner, she loves to cook us her version of the meal in her own kitchen! She serves it and smiles with a huge sense of accomplishment. It is so rewarding to see her playing in a creative way! She has recently taken a new liking to baby dolls. She loves to be a "mother" cloth diapering her baby doll and Elmo doll. She also loves to feed her and burp her! She will be a wonderful mother someday!!

So those are the way we incorporate creativity in our house! Do you have any favorite ways to incorporate these into your family?

Check out Cotton Babies website and blog for more information on the Artist Series!!

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independentmami said...

I always gave my son paper..i loved to see what he could do. Scratch, color, lines, smears