Monday, October 4, 2010

Demo 2010

Did you do anything fun this past weekend? A common question we tend to ask our friends and family on Monday morning!! Welllllll .... if you must ask, we did something *really* fun this weekend! We like to call it Demolition 2010. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. When the house was built, the builder put the cheapest of all cheap floors in the kitchen: peel and stick flimsy tiles! After 5 years of wear, they were all faded, warped, and coming up around the corners (especially in the cold weather). We are replacing it with natural red oak hardwood! To save ourselves lots of money, we volunteered to do the demo part ourselves. Thank heavens one of our friends, Chad, volunteered to come help with the demo!! Nate and Chad were able to get the whole kitchen floor (tiles and luan) ripped out in 8 hours while I pulled up all of the tiny 1/4 in staples that were left in the floor. I am not talking about just a "few" staples, but THOUSANDS of them!!! The builder got a little crazy and stapled them more than then standard every 2 inch squares. After 8 hours of work, all of the staples were FINALLY out! My left hand hurts SO BAD I can hardly type!! Although, I will take the temporary pain for the permanent $$$ saving!! :) Wouldn't you???

Here are a few pictures from the demo ... somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of Chad!

The hardest part was getting the luan up from under the cabinets. It required a toe-kick saw! See the floor was put in first before all the cabinets, trim, appliances, so that created TONS of extra work!

Don't mess with my man! He might saw you to pieces! HA!!

A little tired after 8+ hours of work. Still tons more staples to pull!

If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you can see all the hundreds and hundreds of staples that still needed pulled!

We will be anxious to have our hardwood floors laid in the next few weeks ... until then I must live with a crazy messed up, dirty kitchen (and thus house)! It is almost a little too much for this TYPE A person!!



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Naomi said...

Im following back ...that demo looks like a dream lol.


i cant decide said...

Uh oh. I have a hard time when my house is messed up also. You'll survive!

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Kelly said...

Yikes! That makes my fingers hurt just thinking about all those staples!

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We're also re-modeling our downstairs right now. I can totally relate lol

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Think about how pretty your new floor will be...maybe that will help:)

Independentmami said...

I am ready to demo some things in my house, can't wait to start on our projects this coming SPring.