Monday, August 30, 2010

Sophia's Last Swim Lesson

This summer I signed Sophia up for swim lessons at the Plainfield Parks and Rec Center. It was a 4 week session, every Tuesday and Thursday for 45 minutes! It was so much fun and Sophia is a TOTAL FISH! (Guess she gets that from her mother!) She absolutely loves the water and swimming!! She must repeat the phrase "kicky in the pool" at least 100x per day!

My parents came to her last class and were able to catch a few videos and snap some pictures!

We start the class out in the shallow end singing a few songs like "The Wheels on the Bus!"

Then we play a little "Ring around the Rosy!"

Sophia and her best friend Maeve!

Sophia standing proud next to Miss Emily (her instructor)

Floating then kicking on her tummy!

Getting ready to put her face in the water!

Splash and water fountains at the end!!

We sure will miss having swim lessons! Thinking of doing another class this winter!


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