Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mama's New Ride!!

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan! Sometimes it surprises you with something sweet, special, way before intended!! According to our 5 year plan on our Excel spreadsheet (I know many of you are laughing b/c you know this is so true! HA), we were to planning to look for a mommy mobile in Dec, find one late Jan/early Feb. However, when something amazing like this car falls literally into your lap ... you can't help but change the plan a little to accommodate for its awesomeness!

My dad was driving around Greenwood, less than 5 minutes from his house, saw the van in someone's driveway and took down the number. He knew we were eventually going to look for a mommy-mobile. He called the guy and then proceeded to call me and tell me, "I have found the perfect vehicle for you guys at a great price.!" I thought, it can't be that perfect to change THE PLAN! After talking with Nate, we decided I should call him to get the scoop. I don't need to bore you with the details ..... as we all know the outcome!!

Wonder if dad will charge me a finder's fee? HA!

Some of you car people out there are wondering ... what does it have that makes it so perfect?

It is a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition. Fully loaded with black leather interior, heated seats (yay for warm buns in the winter), all new leather floor mats throughout the car, extra 8th seat, DVD and Navigation System with Touch screen, back-up camera, like-new interior and exterior with only 1 scratch, and on and on and on .... so needless to say we are thrilled and I am not one bit ashamed to be driving a mommy-mobile!

Now the only thing left is to head to the license branch this morning and get another BUTLER plate for the back! The blue BU plate will match our new ride beautifully!!

The color is "Ocean Mist!"

I LOVE all the room in my trunk! Plus the push button hitch allows for one hand to be occupied holding one sweet, but heavy 27 lb child!!

What do you think? I think she likes her new "ride!"

Here is a cute little video I shot of her last night when we got home!! Make sure the volume is up so you can hear all her little "chatter!"

And for those of you wondering, we will not be having enough children to fill it up .... just wanted enough space b/w the kids to minimize fighting ... (unless we have two girls and then it will be all verbal bickering huh? HA!!)

One happy mama, riding in a "Sports Van" (as it says in the vehicle description)!



Chris and Steff said...

Ahh! How exciting! I love the video too... Sophia is just too cute. I got a Butler plate for mine last week :) Go Dawgs!

DEBSIK said...

So happy for you guys! A finders fee?-maybe- might need it after all these hospital bills come in!

Your papa will never lead you the wrong way!

Erin P said...

Laurel loves the video - she keeps saying and signing "more" each time it's done. We have to get the girls together now that your 1st choice friends are back at school ;)

And who's to say you won't have enough kiddos to fill that van - you might have triplets or something. That would be so much fun! :)

Alicia said...

Sophia is so adorable!! Love the video. :) And congrats on the new ride!