Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indiana Dunes Vacation

Since our first time camping at the Warren Dunes State Park went so well, we decided to try the Indiana Dunes State Park for two nights, three days! We had a great family time! Sophia really has embraced the outdoors (much to her father's enjoyment) and sure knows how to get dirty! It took everything in me not to stop her from playing in the dirt! (I know those of you that have boys probably are laughing at me!) She played in the dirt, rubbed it all on her face, her shirt, you name it ... she had dirt there! Pretty cute but VERY messy!

Sophia and Nate reading Goodnight Moon before bedtime on Sunday night! We put her Pack N Play in the tent and she stayed awake for over 1.5 hours talking and singing until she fell asleep!

All ready for a yummy camp stove breakfast of oatmeal and peaches!

Our campsite ... not too bad, but we prefer lots more trees and borders so we can't see all the RV's and campers around us! Privacy is the name of our game!

Playing at the campground (Shhh ... don't tell she is still in her PJ's!)

First morning at the beach! There wasn't a cloud in the sky nor a smile on her face for the camera! She always laughs and cracks up while the camera is hidden ... I think she was a little irritated I kept trying to take her picture! She wanted to play in the sand! "Yay Beach, Yay Sand!"

On the giant teeter totter in the campground playground!

Ahhhhh ... walking hand in hand with Mommy next to the surf!

Finally a SMILE!!! This is the smile we see after a good 2+ hour nap!

Looking forward to going back next summer and maybe staying a few more days!!!


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