Monday, August 9, 2010


Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but we 3 Longs are still alive! My disappearance from the blogger world is multi-fold .... lack of time in general ... lack of alone time (we are down to one nap = only 1 mommy break) ... lack of good pictures ... lack of motivation to type and upload pictures!

I have broken out of my blogging-funk and am back rearing, ready to go ... hopefully you are ready for lots of updates!!!

Since I blogged last, we have been extremely busy trying to soak up the final rays of the summer with all our teacher buddies and teacher aunts! :)

Sophia and I have been taking a Mommy and Me swim class at the Plainfield Parks and Rec Center with our friends Libby and Maeve. We have had a blast! It has been so awesome to see Sophia's LOVE of the water grow with each lesson. She LOVES floating on her back while I sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in her ear. She is mastering the concept of kicking while on her back. Of course my child LOVES to kick and splash the teacher in the face with the water! We have 1 week's worth of lessons left and I am sad to see them over! It gives us something to do each Tuesday and Thursday morning PLUS makes her exhausted = excellent afternoon nap!!

A few weeks ago we were able to get together with my three other dear friends from our old breastfeeding group! These ladies helped me through many rough patches during her first year. It has been awesome to see the kids grow, change, and develop into their own little "person!" This is the first time out of our many play dates where all kids could play together doing the same thing .... aka ... first time they are all eating on their own, walking around, talking, etc. It was so great to see them loving towards one another. I was able to snap a few pictures, however, I am quickly learning it is VERY difficult to take "good" pictures of toddlers!! It always seems that one is smiling, one is crying, one is stoic, and one is trying to run away!! :)

Nathan chowing down ...

Maeve in her adorable pigtails! She loved the egg casserole!

Isaac mid-bite ... what a handsome little guy!!

Nathan and his mama Denise! What a beautiful family inside and out!

Sophia, Nathan, and Isaac! Maeve was the one that ran away out of this picture! :)

Sophia giving one of her many hugs to Isaac! She is quite the hugger these days!!

This is all the time I have for a post! Little princess is calling out from her castle to get "up, up, up!" Stay tuned ... many more posts and pictures to come!! You will really enjoy the pictures from our weekend getaway to MI!!


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