Monday, June 28, 2010

Wow, what a busy week/end!

Stop, slow down SUMMER of 2010, you are going WAY TOO FAST! It seems like there is so much to do and so little time to do it!!!

Last week I worked two long days, we had a 3 family - 3 day garage sale, attended the Hendricks County Rib Fest, Neighborhood Block Party, Church, and a family bike ride!!

Here are a few pictures detailing the week/weekend!!

While we were having our garage sale, I walked over to a neighbors and found this chair for $5! It appears Amazon is selling it for almost $50! Oh yeah, bargain #25 of the summer!! She LOVES it and it is like brand new. I wonder if the previous owners even used it!!! Score one for Mama Al! Another smashing success!

"My brand new Elmo CHAIR!"

"Ok, so second to food, this might be the next BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!"

The next garage sale bargain was this bike seat for $5! Yes, I said only FIVE dollars!! I have been looking all summer at garage sales for a bike seat or a trailer. This was by far the best quality and the BEST price. Here is a picture of her first spin with daddy's around the neighborhood! Last night we took our first family bike ride. We were able to go about 10 miles before she started getting antsy! She had a great time and loved going fast!! Nate is one strong daddy able to cart this 26 lb child up those killer hills!! I could barely make it up them myself on my own bike!! One final thought on the bike seat ... we feel this is one of our final bridges to the life we had before Sophia. As many of you know, Nate and I loved cycling on Saturday mornings, going anywhere from 25-50+ miles. We often would bike with our fathers. It was such a sweet time that created amazing memories. Since having Sophia, we haven't been able to get on the bike and now we are able to! I am not saying we are going to do a 50 mile route anytime soon, but 12-18 is in our near future! Just gotta find routes without big country hills!!

"This is pretty sweet ... minus the helmet mom makes me wear!"

Watching and waiting for my balloon animal!

Sophia requested a doggy, the lady gave her a teddy bear that looked like a dog? Humm... I am thinking the same thing you are too! HA!

After about 90 minutes at the Rib Fest, we headed back home for our neighborhood block party (that was in our court!) It was a SMASHING success!! All of the home cooked food was AMAZING and we were able to meet lots of the people from our small neighborhood! Sophia even met a new little girl that just moved in two weeks ago. I am thrilled to have found her a playmate just around the block!!

Drinking my "Elmo wa-wa" as she states it oh so clearly!!

I am looking forward to a girls trip to Cincy with my mom and sister! We are going to have a blast shopping, eating, and did I mention shopping??? IKEA Cincy here we come!!! Oh yeah and Graeters ICE CREAM watch out for the Kiesel women!!!


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