Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010!

This year we celebrated Nate's 2nd Father's Day, my dad's 30th Father's Day, and Whitney's 43rd (I think?) Father's day! Such a great weekend for celebration!!

Here is a glimpse of the card we made for the Grandpa's since they are always great at "fixing" things around the house and on their bikes!! Seemed fitting since she was trying to "fit" the parts of her clippos together! And isn't that the best smile EVER??
This is a picture of the gift Sophia and I made for Nate for Father's Day! I goggled "Father's Day Crafts for Toddlers" and this seemed like the best one for this year. My little creative juices started flowing ... then after 2 hours, I realized this was going to be a lengthy project! HA!! The kicker of it all is that I actually worked on it during Sophia's nap ... she was with me doing it in spirit, right? HA!!

I thought this gift would be best b/c Nate always like some time alone to work on the computer, play games, or just surf! Sophia has a newfound interest in the computer keyboard which makes it pretty much impossible to type or email. We have to use the computer when she isn't around! Nate can hang this on the door to let us all know that he is taking a "Time Out!" A word Sophia will quickly begin to understand!! For those of you that know Nate, the tent is very appropriate as he would LOVE to take all his "time outs" in a tent in the woods by a stream!!

Sophia was a hard nut to crack after church. I couldn't get her to smile at all ... let alone take a good picture with her Daddy!! She kept saying, "Num Nums, Num Nums ..." Guess my daughter is more like her mommy and daddy ... when a girl wants to eat, she ain't gonna do nothing else till she gets her food!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating our earthly and Heavenly Father's LOVE!!


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