Monday, June 7, 2010

No turning back, no turning back!

Well, after repeated encouragement from my hubby, I finally decided to bite the bullet and she transitioning Sophia to one nap. She has consistently been taking two naps since she was 4 months old. I think I feared change the most! Heck, I have been doing the "same" schedule for almost 14 months now!! That takes a lot to break!! I know it probably won't be like this for baby #2, but our life and activities are scheduled around Sophia's nap. Some may say too much, but many would agree that babies do extremely well with routine!!

To my surprise, this transition has been much easier than expected. She can now make it till about noon before she needs to go down. My goal is to eat lunch at noon, then nap right afterwards. At least she has been kind to me and has been napping at least 2 hours for her nap! Still gives mom some much needed time away from Sophia. The hardest adjustment is probably for me b/c I always did certain tasks during the morning nap and a separate set of tasks during the afternoon nap. Plus it gave me two LONG breaks. I know this is all part of her getting older, but it just takes time to let it all sink in and find ways to make the "new" way work!!

I am excited about all the new possibilities with our new schedule! Morning play dates that we don't have to rush home afterwards for a nap! Morning shopping trips and grocery story runs! Zoo and Children's Museum! Long Runs and Walks in the park and with friends!! The list goes on and on .... I know Nate is thrilled to have less of a time "restraint!"

However, I would love any suggestions of time fillers .... since Sophia and I are now together 2 hours more per day, I am running out of things to do! Thank HEAVENS it is summer and there is always the Radio Flyer Red Wagon!!! (My life saver!)


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Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

I'll have to talk to you about how you transitioned. Glad it's going well. I bet it is an adjustment for you too! We can set up a weekly park/walk date for the summer with your extra 2 hours if you want! Adam said do everything you do now just for 10 minutes longer. :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Hopefully it doesn't rain!