Saturday, July 3, 2010

18 months ALREADY!

I just can't believe my baby girl is 18 months old!! It just seems like yesterday when we were bringing her home from the hospital! Ok, well, maybe not yesterday, but definitely not 18 months later! It has been so fun to watch her grow, develop, and change into such a beautiful young little girl! It seems like she learns a new word each day! I wrote them all down and I counted close to 50 words!! She continues to run, climb, and talk more each week!! Hummm .... wonder where she gets her non-stop talking trait from? One guess ... and it isn't her father!

Yesterday we had her 18 month apt with the doctor and her stats completely blew me out of the water ....

Weight: 27 lbs (75-90%) -- up 3 lbs from 3 months ago

Height: 35.5 inches (off the charts, >100%) -- up 3.25 inches since her 15 month apt!! Now we aren't talking "just barely off the charts," we are talking an inch above the normal growth curve! Guess that is what happens when your parents are 6'1 and 5'8.5!

OFC: 19.25 (back on the charts again, 95-97%, didn't change from her 15 month apt!

I almost fell out of my seat when she told me her height! I knew she had been growing, but no wonder why her 18 month dresses look like they should be a shirt!! Good thing I started buying 4T dresses for next summer!!

In other news, I was able to reconnect with an old friend of mine on Thursday afternoon! Lisa and I worked together at Meijer pharmacy for many years! She was my role model going through pharmacy school and she moved to AZ over 5-6 years ago. We had lost touch over the years until I saw her name in the Butler Alumni magazine for the birth of her twins, just 21 days younger than Sophia!! What are the chances?? I searched for her on FB and google with no luck. I finally got brave and looked up all of the Lisa ___'s in AZ and found one that "could" be hers! I typed up a letter and mailed it! To my surprise, I found the correct one!!! It just so happened she was flying back for the holiday weekend and had some free time!!

It was so fun catching up and letting the kids play together!!

Here is a snapshot of the kiddos after a few hours of playing hard!!
(Believe me, this was really hard to get!)

Sophia, Christopher, and Lauren

Now we have a new place to vacation and friends to visit!! AZ here we come (in the winter months of course!)!!



Steuer Family said...

18 months is by far my most favorite age. They are so cute and learning so much, but not quite enough to be sassy or have an attitude! Enjoy it!

Chris and Steff said...

Aww, i'm so glad you guys got to catch up. Her twins are SO adorable! I bet Sophia loved playing with them! And yes, it's hard to believe she is 18 months!!