Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm a Big Sister Now!

..... I am not so sure what Sophia is going to think about being a big sister (when that time comes)!! (I bet many of you just had to close your mouth b/c you thought I was giving a big announcement huh? Ha!! Tricked you!!)

Sophia had the chance to "share" her mommy yesterday when we went to visit my dear friend Apryl's newest addition, Anna Kathleen!! The whole way to the hospital Sophia was practicing saying, "Anna" to which she can say it perfect!! When we arrived, I attended to Sophia and kept her attention! However, I think Sophia was a tad bit jealous the minute I started holding sweet Anna b/c she started acting out. Hum 18 month old toddler trying to get her mommy's undivided attention? No way right? HA!!

Nevertheless, it was so good to finally meet Anna! I thought for sure Anna was going to be a little baby boy, I think Apryl thought the same too! But alas, she is as cute as a button and slept the full time we were at the hospital!! She was 8lbs 4oz and 20 inches long! It was sweet to have a 1 day old baby in my arms again!! I haven't gotten the chance to see Olivia, Anna's big sister, yet, but from what I have been told, Olivia is just smitten with her new baby sister! Olivia said all along that it was a baby sister and no one wanted to believe her!! She kept saying, "I was right, it was a baby sister not a baby brother!" Apryl told me that Olivia absolutely LOVES holding Anna and loves to give her kisses!!

Here are a few shots I was able to snap (with our new camera)!

Sweet Anna!

Perfect skin ... perfect snooze!

Sleep tight sweet pea!

"I am not so sure about this big sister thing.
I will let Olivia try it out first and let me know how it goes."



Anonymous said...

This was the exact age between Tiffany & Steffany! 18 months! :)It was so much fun to have 2 girls to share my love and attention with every day. Tiffany was the best big sister and so much help to me. While Steffany was the best baby ever! I haven't forgotten one minute of the fun ride and joy of raising two darling daughters! :) It is so rewarding and a blessing x 2! ♥♥
Proud to be the Mom of Tiffany & Steffany :)

Apryl said...

Those are really cute pictures you took. You'll have to send them to me. Sophia was very well behaved while you were visiting. When the time comes, she'll be great and so will you!