Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Save Energy, Save $!!

Cloth Diapers and Dryer Balls

I have been following (ok, maybe stalking) Melinda on her Buddha Bunz FB page. Over the past few months, everyone in my little "Green-world" has been raving about dryer balls. I thought to myself, "how in the world could those really make a difference." I continued to put off trying them until I talked to Erin, and she convinced me that they really shaved off serious drying time! As many loads of laundry I seem to do these days, I thought ... hum ... wonder if saving energy could really save me decent $$$! Once Melinda hit 1000 FB fans, she put her unscented dryer balls on sale for $5/each. I thought .... now is the time to take the plunge and order 2 of them!

Last week I received my Buddha Bunz Unscented Dryer Balls in the mail (not to mention in a compostable shipping bag which is in our compost bin as I type -- way to go Melinda!)! I am officially HOOKED on the dryer balls. I have done at least 6+ loads of laundry and 2 FULL diaper loads! With each load of laundry, I have seen a minimum of 20 minutes saved and a maximum of 30 minutes! Can you believe it? If I do 10 loads/week (including diapers), that is saving 5 hours of drying time! I can't wait to get my next energy bill to see the savings!!

Head on over to Buddha Bunz's facebook page and or website to see the technology behind the dryer balls and how they could save you $$$$!

Plus, she makes them in many scents if you prefer your clothes to have a "natural fragrance." Her scented balls are OK with cloth diapers too (if you are worried!)

Saving the earth and not to mention some $$$ one load of laundry at a time,


Elmo LOVES dryer balls too!

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