Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Fun!

All I have to say is this has been THE.BEST.WINTER.EVER in Indiana!!  I am so grateful for this mild winter so my hubby doesn't have to face horrible weather in his 120 mile daily commute!!  It has allowed us more family time and less stress for Nate!  Praise God!!  

We celebrated Leap Day by heading to the park in 61 degree weather!!!  It was VERY windy, but so mild outside!!  I put Jackson in the swing at the park for the first time ever and he LOVED it!  Sophia did an awesome job pushing him!  He would giggle and cackle at her each time she gave him a little push!! 

It was hard to get a good picture due to the crazy wind, but I am not complaining!!

I'm a big boy now!  Look at me!
We were so blessed with this adorable Adias track suit from our dear friends in Russia, Jeff and Amy!!  I am so glad Jackson can now fit into it!  I have to say, he is one heart breaker, huh?

Doesn't my smile melt your heart?
Yesterday, March came in like a lamb ... Sunny and 54 degrees!  I will take that!!  We headed to the park again for more swinging and also walking with friends!

Sophia is such a good big sister!

heart breaker ... dream maker ...
The group of kids after our walk ....

Isaiah, Andrew, Jackson, Sophia, and Josiah

She really wouldn't look at the camera ... ugh!!
I hope you have been enjoying this MILD winter!!  Bring on spring, bulbs, flowers, and warm evening weather for park trips and walks!!!  

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