Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has sprung and more fun ...

How about some fun pictures after such a long, raw blog post?

Mom and Cousin Lori at Hannah's 1st birthday party.  Jax loved meeting cousin Lori

Ummm ... I have to be done eating my cake? 

Sophia loved the cake and ice cream!

Sophia realized how much fun it could be to smash her face against  the shower glass door and look like a PIG!

My sweet friend Erin!!  We went to BRus and registered for her lil one on the way!
We had such a wonderful time catching up and laughing!!  What we do best ... laugh and talk!

We have been close friends since we first met during a Campus Crusade Summer Project!  VA BEACH 2000

My sweet baby girl is getting so big!!  

She loves giving every single one of her babies shots!!  I wonder if I should be worried!

Love this face!

Painting my friend Isaiah a picture!

Best buds!

6 months ALREADY!!  

My hands are always in my mouth or around my face!!

Jackson's first wagon ride EVER!  Sophia had a really good time with him!
She sang to him the whole way around the block!

Awww ... love that boy!  Love him MORE when he sleeps long stretches!

"I love eating ... well, most days and when mommy feeds me!"

Laughing at sissy ... she is so funny!

Finally at 6 1/2 months, I am learning to sleep better ...
 I am free of my swaddle, no longer freak out b/c I don't know what to
 do with my arms/hands, plus learned to sleep on my side and tummy!

Love this face!!
 and one final picture .... who can resist a SWEET POTATO SMILE?

Sweet potato smile!

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