Thursday, December 1, 2011

New-Skin Share The Outdoor Sweepstakes

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As many of you know, my family LOVES the outdoors!  Nate and I would both agree our favorite vacation pre-kids would be our camping trip out west in Summit County, CO!  We hiked, biked, and enjoyed God’s beautiful creation!  Our tent was right next to a stream that was flowing rapidly!  One night it got down to 22.3 degrees!  You should have seen me, I looked like a mummy in my sleeping bag!  Nevertheless, all the miles we hiked wrecked havoc on our feet.  We both ended up with blisters at the bag where our boots rubbed.  Unfortunately I didn’t have anything but Band-Aids, but I really wish we had some  New-Skin®.
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New-Skin is a liquid bandage.  It is invisible, flexible, and waterproof.   Here is additional info from their webpage: “New-Skin® Liquid Bandage dries rapidly to form a tough protective cover that is antiseptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets your skin breathe. Just brush on New-Skin® Liquid Bandage - One stroke protects the wound by keeping out dirt and germs and provides protections against infection with an antiseptic.”
You might not be a lover of the outdoors like my family, but maybe you have a kid that loves to ride bikes or skateboard.  Falling is usually inevitable, so you would want to keep both the Liquid Bandage and Scar Fade™ on hand at home!!
They also have a unique Poison Ivy Treatment. “New-Skin™ Poison Ivy Treatment is the only product to combine both an active medicated OTC ingredient to stop itch and a non-irritating wash to lock up and remove the toxic oils that cause the poison ivy rash, in one complete formula.
Its dual-action foaming lotion addresses both the root problem of poison ivy rash and the uncomfortable itch that often accompanies it. In many cases, just one application of New-Skin™ Poison Ivy Treatment applied to the affected area will provide complete relief. Its unique formula isolates urushiol oils, the cause of the allergic reaction and skin irritation from poison ivy, and the mild foaming formula helps wash away the oils from the skin.
The active ingredient Pramoxine Hydrochloride is FDA approved to treat the itching sensation associated with poison ivy rash. New-Skin™ Poison Ivy Treatment is also effective against the rash associated with poison oak and poison sumac.”
The New-Skin® products have you covered whether you're playing ball, hiking or enjoying an afternoon in the garden. No other bandage beats New-Skin® for its ability to cover, protect and help prevent infection for everyday wounds. Believe it or not, New-Skin® products have been protecting cuts and scrapes for over 100 years.   Not only do they protect your cuts and scrapes with their Liquid Bandage, but they also aid in getting rid of scars with the Scar Fade™ Gel and can help treat poison ivy with their Poison Ivy Treatment.
For a limited time, New-Skin sweepstakes are happeningg! There are 3 amazing grand prizes to win – a skiing trip to Breckenridge, CO, a tour of the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA or a hiking trip in Yellowstone National Park, MT!  Also, although there will only be 3 Grand Prize winners there is good news for the first 500 entrants in the sweepstakes! They will receive a New-Skin™ waterproof container. So hurry up and get in your entries!
How to enter: Complete the entry form on the New-Skin® Share the Outdoors sweepstakes link and have your friends and family visit your sweepstakes page to earn up to five votes per day – every vote increases your chances of winning the adventure of their choice!
I would love for you to share in the comments section of below why you would want to win the sweepstakes and how you would use New-Skin® products if you win!  Try to include a link to your sweepstakes page in your comment to help increase clicks!!

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