Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorating a Gingerbread Tree

Lots of my friends have been decorating Gingerbread Houses and I felt like a bad mama not getting one to do with Sophia.  With Jax, we just never got around to getting one.  Of course, when I went to Target yesterday, 5 days before Christmas, they only had 2 left and of course BOTH were VERY broken!  I saw this tree kit and thought, hey, it could be fun!  Honestly, for this age (days away from 3), I felt like I like the tree better!  It took less time (great for the short attention span) and was VERY easy to assemble!  There were minimal choices for decorations which is always a good thing too!!

Notice when you see our creation below it looks NOTHING like the example on the box!  

She did a great job assembling it herself (with only a little help from me!)

She begged me to eat some ... I told her it was only for decorating, but caved with the 1/2 inch size  star that should have been at the top! :) 

Putting on the little balls, aka light bulbs!

Laughing at Aunt Sarah and Hannah!  

Yes, I know you are all coveting this BEAUTIFUL creation right now!  Be inspired to decorate now ... :)

 Jackson was sleeping during all this Christmas tree decorating fun, so that meant that Mommy and Jackson got some quiet time alone while sis was napping!  Isn't my little boy just adorable?  I got his little onesie at the Hendricks County Craft Fair!  I just love it so much!! :)  My little man with his lil' ho-ho-ho tie!!

Sweet, sweet boy!
Do you have any fun decorating traditions you like to do with your kids or while you were growing up?

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