Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Fun Memories Together!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month!  Can't believe December is almost over!!!

Last week Sophia brought home Christmas Presents from preschool!  I asked her, "did you make these for mommy and daddy?"  She said, "No, my teachers did!"  Ha!  I had to laugh ... brutally honest huh?  At least I know those are her hand prints!

Sophia's Christmas Gift to Mommy! Thanks DD teachers!

Sophia's Christmas Present for Daddy!
The past two years in MOPS we have done a Christmas Craft!  I LOVED this one!  So easy to make, looks so pretty!!  Even has a string of lights on it!!  Sweet!

My 2011 MOPS Christmas Craft!  LOVE IT!!
 Friday night we drove through the light display at Ellis Park!  This is as close as she got to Santa ... yep, all the way across the room!!  Santa looks better from the distance huh?
Christmas in Ellis Park
 Saturday evening we headed to Hummel Park for the First Annual Christmas Experience.  We got to see a live Nativity Scene, live animals, Mary, Joseph, and "pretend" baby Jesus because it was way too cold for a real baby!  There were donkey and pony rides and a HUGE camel!!  They had cookies and hot chocolate as well as The Grinch playing!  Sophia's favorite part ... the 10 min train ride ... it was so cold outside and she waited patiently for 45 min.  The girl can be patient when she is getting something she really wants!  Guess we are all like that ... just don't like to admit it, huh?
Waiting for the train at Hummel Park

Finally our turn ... so excited!  A very patient girl waited 45 min!

Here we go!!
 I have been attempting to keep the camera close by so I can get more pictures of my sweet boy!  I can see why my mom had double or triple the pictures of me compared to my sister!  The second born just doesn't get the camera time of the first born!  Look at my boy ... good neck control and enjoying the Bumbo!  Too bad it is pink! HA!
Daddy's Little Elf!
 I hardly have any pictures of me and THE BOY!  Love the tree in the background!
Having fun with the camera!

Ummm ... wait a minute mom!!

This boy is all smiles most of the time (well, after a diaper change, eating, and a nap!)  He just melts my heart!
All smiles with a full tummy!  Love my mommy's milk!
Looking forward to wonderful CHRISTmas memories as a family of FOUR on Sunday!!

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