Sunday, November 13, 2011

LUXbutt organic one-size diaper REVIEW

I want to take the time to welcome Angela H!  She is our guest blogger for today!! :)  Here is her review on the new LUXbutt organic one size diaper!!

Hi, everyone!  First off, I want to thank Go Long, Go Green for allowing me to guest post. I don’t have a blog of my own, so I am very grateful that she is letting me share my review with you.

When my LUXbutt organic one size diaper finally showed up in my mailbox, I was so excited. I picked up the package and instantly thought to myself, “Wow! This is really trim!” It barely felt like anything was in the envelope. Always a good sign if you ask me.

Let’s start with some of the great features…

1. Well, it’s not really a “feature”, but these ladies are clever… and I like clever. Take a look at the tags on the diaper. Reading these just brought a smile to my face.

2. The ever coveted 3rd snap to prevent wing droop. At first, the snaps gave me a hard time. It took me a minute to figure out how they are supposed to line up, but once I got it right it was just like snapping any other diaper. You’ll notice though that the middle snaps in the second row are lower than the rest… but I have no idea why.

3. WIDE elastic, which I am simply in love with. It really helps the back of the diaper hug your little one’s tushy, which in turn helps prevent those nasty blow outs.

4. Elastic sizing instead of snaps. I was leery at first, I will admit. I tried a FuzziBunz one size and HATED the elastic sizing on it. It was just so hard to adjust. Not the case with the LUXbutt. A little bit of trial and error is likely required, but adjusting the diaper is super easy and there are tons of options to get the PERFECT fit. Once you get the hang of it, re-sizing the diaper to go from the younger to older child is a breeze.

5. Amazing fabrics all around… from chic color collections (they have started with “chocolate”) to super thirsty hemp inserts and oh so soft organic cotton velour. I mean, seriously, I want organic cotton velour against my bottom! I am jealous of my baby.

Okay, the nitty gritty. Is this diaper any good? I vote YES! Getting started with the diaper takes a little longer than most… there’s more trial and error in adjusting the rise with the elastic and hemp does take longer to prep, but it’s worth it. Not having to snap down the rise adds to the diapers trim-ness as it eliminates that extra bulk in the front and the hemp insert means you’re less likely to need additional inserts.

The hemp inserts say that it takes about 5-7 washes to reach maximum absorbency, but I was antsy and gave it a shot overnight after only about 3 washes. My 7 month old is a bit of a heavy wetter. With our current diapers, he needs to be changed in the middle of the night. I kept the LUXbutt diaper on him all night and was definitely impressed. It did not make it all the way through the night, but it held out longer than our current setup. If I were to put in a doubler, I am sure we would make it through the night.

I also put the diaper on my 25 month old (sorry, no pictures of him… he wouldn’t hold still long enough). I didn’t do overnight with him, but he decided to test the LUXbutt’s ability to withstand a massive poo. It passed with flying colors. Everything stayed in the diaper and it washed up beautifully (which, considering my son’s ability to stain a diaper, that is saying a lot).

So, in the end, I LOVE this diaper. I would totally save my pennies to buy more (if I needed more diapers).  Or if I was just starting out, I would definitely use their layaway program. Yes, you heard right. LUXbutt understands that cloth diapers are big investment, especially when you are just starting out, so they have LAYAWAY! You pay a deposit and space out your payments however you see fit over the next 8 weeks. How awesome is that?!

Want to buy a LUXbutt (or two or twelve) of your own? Their Grand Opening Sale goes through the 15th!

Thanks again Angela for the great review.  Head over to their website and check it out!!

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