Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am still alive ... promise!

Wow, life has sure been a blur for the past 8 weeks!!  I can't even believe the big guy is 2 months old!!  The first 3 weeks seemed really easy, then as they say .. the "crap hitteth the fan" ... life became a whirlwind, zoo, crazy, insane, frustrating, yet all the while joyful!  Jackson's newborn sleepiness wore off around 3 weeks, he started getting up every 2-3 hours at night, eating around the clock, became difficult to lay down for a nap, and on and on ...

Just this past week (#7), life became a little more normal.  He started giving me a 5-6 hour stretch off the bat at night, followed by another 3-4 hour one.  Sleep makes all the difference in the world!  Also, I was able to get back to the gym for some "light" workouts.  It really helped my sanity as I started getting that serotonin flowin' in the good 'ole head again!  Gym time = happy mama = happy family = peaceful and less stress.  I know it is hard to believe and some may say crazy ... but I LOVE WORKING OUT and the feeling it gives me!  It is my natural version of Prozac!  For all of you that worry about my milk supply, never fear ... I am taking it easy, little bit by little bit, and hydrating to keep it up!  I have been also making sure to replenish with good, whole, raw, natural foods too!

The other thing that has really improved my life is my new found obsession ...  Have you checked it out?  It is the latest social media craze ... it is an online pin-board!  It is perfect for those like me that are not super crafty ... it has given me TONS of ideas for new crafts for Sophia, preschool homeschool-type activities (to supplement what she is getting at Discovery Days Preschool), craft ideas for myself, new recipes, famous quotes, household tips, etc!  It seriously is more addictive than FACEBOOK!  I never thought I would say that!!  Hahaha!!  However, it is more productive than facebook ... meaning, it gives me ideas to improve my life and my families life!  When Sophia wakes up from her nap each day, I have been trying out new crafts/projects!   Sure beats turning the TV on!

Here is an example of two projects I found on there ...

Giant crayons .. just melted old crayon pieces in a cakepan in the oven.
Princess shape sorter ... Sophia matched the colored shape to the shape on the crown and glued them on!  
I can't wait to blog more about the fun PINTEREST ideas I try out!  Have you joined?  Any fun pins I should check out?  I can't wait to check out the letter hand writing pages and see if I can get her started on writing actual letters!

Well, nap time is coming to a close ... so here are a few pictures to tie you over till the next entry!  Oh how blogging does a mind good ... can't wait till I have a little more time to do it more frequently!

Kelsay Farms Cow Train!

Milking a cow!


On the hayride!

Jackson, Al, and Sarah

Zoo Boo 2011

The group at Zoo Boo!  (Thanks JEN for inviting us!)

My little RED HOT CHILI PEPPER! (and boy was he hot!)

The FAM!

Annual play date at Beasley's Orchard!

Happy Halloween!

My Princess on Halloween!

My sleeping red hot pepper!

Loving time with her little brother!

My little Indian! :)  

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  A little glimpse ... until next time!

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