Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun Pictures

I finally had a few minutes to myself (Ahhhh) and decided to organize the pictures from the camera and get them in their respective file folders on the computer!  I realized I didn't take one picture of Jackson during the month of October (besides Halloween)!  Can you tell we had a rough month?  Poor guy ... 2nd child syndrome already!  Hope he isn't scarred for life!  I now understand why my sister has lots fewer pictures during the early months!!  Hehehehe ...

I have kept the camera out this month in hopes of taking more impromptu pictures of him!!

Holding sissy's hand!


One of my favorites!

Actually got them both to look!! :)

Hanging out with mommy while sissy is at school!

Actually doesn't scream during tummy time like sissy always did!

As most of you remember, I am in love with!  Here is a fun playtime activity that I tried out with Sophia!  Just take Popsicle sticks and little velcro dots (from walmart or the dollar store) and attach them all over the sticks.  Then let your child create away and have fun making shapes, houses, planes, etc! She had a great time!  It is a fun, easy busy-bag activity too plus it is super quiet!  I even took a few caps from water bottles and put velcro on the tops!!

I let her color her sticks!
In other news, Sophia got her HAIRCUT!!  I just love it so much!  We have the best hair stylist in TOWN!!  Now we just need to let those pesky bangs grow out and we will be on our way to easy-peasy hair!!  No more tangled messes like you saw in the previous blog post!! HA!!  It totally makes my little girl look at least 4!  Don't ya think???

Best smile I could get ...

So cute!  
Hope you have enjoyed the pictures as well as the 20 Days of Thanksgiving blog posts!!  I have enjoyed reflecting on the many things in life that I am thankful for!!

Be blessed!!

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Alicia said...

LOVE the pictures! Jackson is growing so fast; I love those little smiles. And Sophia's haircut is super cute. I need to get Ava's cut REALLY soon...we battle tangles all the time!