Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do something good for the planet and your wallet

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gazelle for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have any old gadgets sitting around the house collecting dust?  If so, which ones would you be interested in selling/trading to put a little cash in your wallet? is an excellent resource to get the $ while moving the product!  Gazelle is a fast, easy, and fair way to sell and recycle your electronics. Whether you’re looking to get cash to upgrade to the latest gadget or simply searching for a responsible thing to do with your unused electronics, Gazelle is there to help. Shipping is free on all items of value, and in most cases Gazelle will even send you a box. 

I have a Dell laptop that sits around and doesn't get any use b/c it is a dinosaur!  It doesn't have wireless internet, so in this day in age, that = not useful!   Or only useful in taking up space!  The other thing is my mom has an older model (last year) digital camera and we just bought my dad a much better one for Father's Day, would be an excellent option to try to sell the older model to put forth the money to the new camera!

Some of the other things they are looking for to sell and recycle include blue-ray players, calculators, camcorders, camera lenses, cell phones, e-readers, digital cameras, GPS, gaming consoles, home audio, lcd monitors, mp3 players, movies, PDA's, projectors, tablets, and video games.  

I imagine everyone has at least one thing in the above list that is collecting dust??  

How does it work?  4 simple steps

1. Find it - Get an offer online (and jump up and down, cheering really loudly at the computer! :)

2. Ship it - They'll help with shipping (lots of times it can be free)

3. Get paid - Cash, gift cards, charity (an awesome way to donate more money to a good cause)

4. Keep it moving - Feel good about saving the planet! (a greener earth --- that is the goal over at Go Long! Go Green!)

Here are additional tidbits of info about the company:

- The company was founded in 2006.
- Over 175,000 people have trusted us with their gadgets.
-  At Gazelle, every electronic is hand-inspected by a trained member of our gadget lab team, ensuring your data is properly removed and all items are responsibly put to reuse or recycled. 
- Gazelle kept over 300 tons of e-waste out our landfills last year. 
- With Gazelle, returns are always free so there is no risk to you. 
- Payment options: Customers can select to receive payment by check, Walmart gift card, PayPal, or get a 5% bonus by selecting an Amazon gift card. You can even donate the value to charity. 
- Gazelle is a great way to avoid the hassles of selling your gadgets directly. 
- One of the cool things about Gazelle is that from the very beginning the founders decided not to make money on recycling and offer it purely as an add-on service for customers. 
- Our primary recycling partner is BAN-Certified Cloud Blue- one of the most respected domestic recyclers.
Why don't you go to and find out how much your gadgets are worth today.

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