Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GoGreen Pocket Diaper CHAMP 2.0 REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

Well the time has come … the GoGreen Pocket Diaper CHAMP 2.0 is FINALLY here!! 

First of all, if you don't remember my review of the Original CHAMP, click HERE.

The improvements for the CHAMP 2.0 ....

1) 3rd snap on waist tabs to prevent wing droop (do you see it below in the picture, top left corner?)

2) Front pocket flap cover is contoured to keep it from popping up over the top of the dipe AND made of PUL! (similar to BG flip) (check it out in the pic below at the bottom)  Also, the nice thing is when you have the diaper on the smallest rise (as seen below), the large flap cover panel completely covers the diaper.  This is very unique to this pocket diaper.  I know my BG's don't cover this well!  This will be awesome if baby #2 is a boy (especially) to help prevent wicking!   

3) Additional back pocket opening cover, contoured, and made of the lining material

See both points of exit?

The back panel actually stays down and helps prevent those inserts from showing, thus decreasing leaks!

4) Rise snaps will be reinforced with a 2nd layer of PUL! Also remember all CHAMP diapers have 4 rows of rise snaps which allows you to completely custom fit your diaper to your babies ever-changing size! (Seen in the picture below) 

All of the other features remain the same from the original CHAMP! 

Another *NEW* product in the making over at GoGreen is an Adapt-a-Snap™ !  Do you have snap diapers, but prefer a hook/loop closure at times? I know my hubby and parents prefer the hook/loop closure!  I would assume most hubby's do!

The Adapt-a-Snap™ works on the Champ or any diaper with standard 1" snap spacing and two rows of 10 waist snaps (I have used it easily on my Bum Genius 4.0).

To use: Snap Aplix tummy panel to waist snaps, and snap Aplix waist tabs to waist tab snaps

Re-use it! No laundry tabs needed. Simply remove waist tabs and tummy panel from the soiled diaper and snap it onto a fresh diaper before putting in your pail.  No Aplix in the wash means diapers last longer, and won't form "diaper chains!"  Also, the waist tabs feature both hook and loop so they can be overlapped!

The Adapt-a-Snap™ is a genius idea!  Way to go GoGreen!!  Nothing before has given you the versatility to switch back and forth b/w hook/loop and snaps so easily!  The nice thing is you can keep using it over and over again without washing it since it stays on the outside of the diaper!  When they are available, they will be $6.99.  However, remember, you will only need a few to get by!!  One is even a HUGE help!!

My Review: Once again, GoGreen Pocket Diapers stands out from the crowd of pocket diaper makers with The Champ 2.0!!  Can it get any better?? :)  

The new features and no added cost (compared to Champ) make this diaper every bit worth its money!  My favorite improvement is the large PUL panel on the front of the diaper.  It dramatically decreases leaking out the front even with a tummy gap.  I know when we put Sophia to bed at night with a full (BIG) tummy, the diaper is snug, however, thanks to digestion and 12 hours of fasting, the tummy sure shrinks at night.  We need all the protection we can get out the front of the diaper!!  Who doesn't run into this problem?  

The back pocket opening cover is a nice feature too.  Often it seems like the inserts want to work their way towards the openings, this minimizes/prevents any possible leaking from that route.

The hip snaps to prevent wing drooping are a great benefit.  This is one feature that the BG 4.0 had that I really liked!  Thanks GoGreen for improving your diaper in this way too!

Finally, The Adapt-a-Snap™ is an excellent product-in-the-making!  Each cloth diapering family should have at least one of these!  It really is a benefit, especially to those that like a hook/loop closure at times.  Honestly, in my opinion, you can always get the best fit/tightness with the versatility of velcro!!  

As I have said before, I have two favorite pocket diaper brands, and GoGreen (now THE CHAMP2.0 ) is one of them!!  Thanks GoGreen for being an incredible pocket diaper choice, yet very affordable for cloth-diapering mamas like me trying to save the GREEN in our pockets!!   

I can't wait to meet baby #2 and put him/her in this adorable GIRAFFE CHAMP 2.0!!  


WIN IT: GoGreen Pocket Diapers has generously offered of VERY lucky GoLong! Go Green! reader their own CHAMP 2.0 diaper in the color/print of their choice!  

Links you will find helpful for the giveaway:
GoGreen Pocket Diapers on Twitter
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GoGreen Pocket Diaper's Website
Go Green Go Long on Facebook
SGsMama on Twitter

This giveaway is open to the U.S. and will end on Thursday June 16, 2011 at midnight. The winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. Please, no PO Boxes.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.


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