Friday, May 6, 2011

First night in the big girl bed

Well, after MUCH anticipation and hesitation, we FINALLY took the plunge!!  Sophia earned her 7th sticker in a row for using the big girl potty for #2 so she earned her first night in the big girl bed.  She was amazing!  We put her in at 8pm, she didn't make a peep, and I went in at 8am the next morning and she was still in her bed, just waking up!  She said, "Mama, I sleep in my big girl bed and I not get up till mama comes in!"  Such a good little girl!!

Here are a few pics of her tucked in ready to go for her first night ... kind of monumental for her parents!

She doesn't look a bit happy, huh?

The next day I braved the first nap in her new bed and she was awesome ... so needless to say the transition I thought would take weeks, took 1 time and she is a rockstar.  We moved her clothes and closet contents.  She has officially graduated to her NEW room!!

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Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

glad to hear it went so well! lucky you!