Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey faithful blog readers!!!

I recently won a BLOG MAKEOVER through BlogMania! Lindsey at http://designsbylinds.blogspot.com will be doing my new design!! Since I am not super creative when it comes to things like this, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I need some suggestions of new titles. The Long Family Chronicles is getting a little old! We need a new title!! Please comment in the comment field with your suggestions!!! Any and all are appreciated!! The only thing Nate could think of is "The LONG Journey." Cute little play on words, but not sure I am 100% for that one!!

I also need ideas for a subtitle to go with the main title. I was hoping for a verse of scripture that would go with the title. Or any other little catchy phrase!! Once again, please leave me a comment with your suggestion!

Thanks everyone!!

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Chris and Steff said...

What about something like: "Life is short, but the journey is LONG" or "Life is short, but it's a LONG journey".

I can't think of anything else! Good luck!