Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the Avon-Washington Township Park for the annual Heritage Festival. Last year the main entertainment event was "Dancing with the (local) Stars." It was an awesome event. This year they had Minute to Win It, which was less than entertaining! I think Sophia liked the Karate instruction hour a little better! She was cracking up when the kids would do their kicks/punches and split the wood! She kept saying, "Again, Again, Again."

However, I think she had the most fun in the Bounce House!! Check out the short video!! By the end, she had it figured out!! I thought she was way too little for the house, but she held her ground! Next year she will have a blast in the one with the slide!!

Happy Tuesday!!!



Jenn said...

How cute ! My son will not jump in them ...I thought he would like the one we got him...since he makes piles of pillows all the time and jumps in them and on the couch,but he always wants right back out when we put him in his.Glad I just got a little one to try him in before getting a big one...maybe next year.......I followed u back ..

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Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!

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Cute video. My kids usually hate bouncy houses until they hit 2 and then I can't get them OUT of them.

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Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

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I'm glad Sophia liked bouncing! Isaiah just tried it this month for the first time. He loved it! I didn't see you or Nate in there on the video. :) I had fun bouncing too! We should have went on Saturday!

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