Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laboring in the cold weather

We packed our bags, car, and food and headed 5 1/2 hours northeast to Lake Orion, MI to visit Nate's sister Naomi and her family! To top things off, it was our nephew Tyler's 16th birthday! We had a wonderful time visiting with family that we hadn't seen since Christmas!!

Here are just a few pictures from our journey!!

Sophia found Lexi's keyboard and didn't want to give it up!!
She and Lexi jammed quite a few times!

Sophia's first encounter with a small, furry friend ... a hamster! She thought it was hilarious to reach in his cage and pet him! Good thing he didn't bite her!

Naomi's flowers looked beautiful despite the horrible Midwest drought!

Sophia's infatuation with Tyler still continued all these many months later! If you recall, she loved him the minute she saw him last Christmas!

We had a chance to sneak away for some MI putt-putt! Clearly I did not look at the forecast b/c I didn't pack ANY appropriate clothes. Good thing I could borrow from Lexi and Naomi!! Poor Sophia had a sun dress packed for Sunday church! None of us had a jacket!

After helping Tyler unwrap his birthday presents! He LOVED the Spartans hat Nate and I found for him at the Final Four this past April! I told him I REALLY wanted to buy him a Butler hat (since we pounced on those Sparty's), but I also wanted him to get good use out of it!

Yummy, homemade cake!!

Not so sure what to think about this clown hair! Ouch, that is itchy!!

Eating GF pizza before heading out of town!!

Do you, my faithful readers, have any special Labor day traditions?? Please do share!!


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