Monday, December 21, 2009

Many lasts ....

Our 2009 Christmas letter was titled "A Year of Many Firsts!" This month is becoming a month of many first, yet many lasts (if 'lasts' is even a word!). I have been quite sentimental this month for various reasons!

After my bittersweet celebration of my last nursing session, I put away all my nursing gear (bras, pump, Medela accessories, boppy, etc). It is weird to think they won't be used for a few more years (as long as we stick to the plan - HaHaHa)! I started packing up more of her 6-9 month clothes that she has outgrown. Wow, we might not ever use these again if we have boy for child #2? Isn't that a weird thought? (Although, I am thinking the girl genes on both sides of the family will be in my favor!) Pretty soon we will be out of the 12 month clothes b/c of her length! This chica has the LONGEST torso ever!! In a week, we will no longer be using bottles!! Something that has been such a crucial part of our daily life -- gone, vanished, in the wink of an eye!! I definitely won't miss the chore of constant bottle washing!

Finally, it was our last day for breastfeeding group! We went one last time to say our Thanks and Good-byes! It was so sad!! I have been going every week for the past 11 months!! What on earth am I going to do on Monday mornings at 11am now?? I am so thankful for everyone that I met! I know I talk an awful lot about this group, but you must understand it has impacted my life forever!!! I will cherish all the memories!! Thank heavens I formed some great
friendships so we can continue our playdates!!

Here is a picture of my dear friend and one of my biggest encourager's: Jan! She always treated Sophia like a princess!! I will miss seeing Jan's face weekly, but am thankful we can keep in touch via Facebook!!

They had to say their final good-byes! Good thing we can go visit after her doctor's appointments!

Sophia was a stinker and didn't want to give a big SMILE!

In other news, one of Nate's closest friends, Eric, came to stay with us this weekend. He lives down in OK, but was visiting Indy. Nate and Eric both love do to music recording. Eric bought some news "music toys" so you better believe Nate played with them all weekend. The boys got to do some music recording! Sophia even helped her daddy to test out the Mesa Boogie Pedal!

That was some crazy sounding music with Sophia controlling the pedal!

"Hummmm .... what should I push next?"

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to this week's holiday celebrations!!



Kira said...

Aww! All the firsts and lasts we experience in the first year of our babies' lives are so sad and joyous all at the same time. Just remember that each new year has just as many firsts and lasts, and it just keeps getting better. Keep cherishing each moment! (I miss coming to group too)

Apryl said...

Some of those lasts for you should come with great pride in the amount of effort and dedication you and your family put into them. You should be very proud of yourself, so many people would have given up. You have had an awesome first year as parents! There are many firsts to come and some more fun as well!