Saturday, December 5, 2009

A few funnies ...

Working retail = BIG chuckles (at times)!

Today two different people came up to my pharmacy counter to pick up their prescriptions (both antibiotics) and asked, "Why aren't these public? They work so well they should be easier to get!" REALLY? First of all, you don't call them "public," they are called over-the-counter prescriptions! Secondly, antibiotics are already WAY OVER-PRESCRIBED and are losing their efficacy as we speak -- so why would we want people self-diagnosing and taking antibiotics? It isn't like hemorrhoid cream people!! Crazy!! The things people request!

In other funnies (or nasties) is the story of the germ-lady! I was in the bathroom washing my hands and some lady comes up to the sink next to me and (1) touches the faucet with her hands (2) runs her hands under the WATER ONLY for less than 5 seconds. Does she think running her hands under water is going to get rid of all the germs? Yeah, um NO!! Plus, by touching the handle she added about 1000 more germs to her already dirty hands!!! Seriously people, PLEASE wash your hands with soap and water (aren't you supposed to sing happy birthday twice?)

Finally, we were in the middle of a little "rush" and a lady came up to my pick-up window. I immediately greeted her and said, "I will be right with you mam." I checked two rx's and performed a drug interaction check for one of the techs, and started heading down to the out-window when I noticed the lady was walking off. I said, "Mam, did you need something." Her response, "WELL, I WAS TRYING TO PICK UP A PRESCRIPTION, BUT I GUESS I WON'T NOW." To which I said, "I am sorry I was a little tied up, but I told you I would be right with you." Then she totally rolled her eyes and walked off! Ok, seriously lady .... I told you I would be right with you and you had to wait like 2 minutes ... so I thought to myself ... "You have to come back sometime and pick up your script, so are you going to go waste more of your time and make me wait?" 1 hour later she comes up to my out-window to pick up her script and only has 2 cases of pop in her cart. Many thoughts ran through my head (1) You just wasted 1 hour of your time and only picked up 24 cans of pop? (2) Were you trying to get back at me for making you wait? I actually had things to do during that hour window -- I wasn't twiddling my thumbs waiting for you to come back? (3) Really, why did you leave in the first place? It isn't McD's drive-thru? Sometimes you have to wait for quality service!!

So those were the funnies of today!! I imagine I will have many more tomorrow!

Happy Sat night, off to catch some zzzzz's!



Reutter Reality said...

Too funny! I think I should start posting some of my crazy stories. I'm curious to hear who these patients were (especially the inpatient lady).

Hope today goes well!


The Mummert Family said...

I couldn't stop laughing. You have the best tales from work. These people are crazy. Hope you have a good day today. Can't wait to hear more funnies.