Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The dairy barn has officially closed for business!

11 1/2 months .... that is how long this dairy barn lasted!! Wow, that is a REALLY long time!! I often wonder how many gallons of milk I produced!! Ha Ha

My last nursing session this morning was a very special one! Sophia woke up so happy and just cuddled with me (as she usually does in the AM!) I enjoyed that last burst of nursing-induced oxytocin as I looked down at my sweet baby girl and took a journey down memory lane! It was all I could do not to shed a tear!!

As I look back upon my breastfeeding journey, it has been overall a great experience. Granted, I have had my fair share of problems (inadequate supply the whole time, guilt that I couldn't provide enough, taking 12 herbs pills/day, multiple clogged ducts over and over again, supplementation, the nasty side effects of Reglan, pump issues, sleepy baby syndrome); you name it, I had it! All of those problems seem minuscule compared to the joy I felt during each (well, most of them) nursing session; the beautiful bond that only I shared with this precious baby girl! God created such a beautiful thing when he created the ability for a woman to feed her child! I think there are few things on earth that can even compare! Whether you nurse your child for 1 week or 2 years, it is a very memorable experience.

Yesterday at BF'ing group I saw a new mom walk through the door with an oh-so-familiar face -- one that I wore just 11 months ago. The face of guilt, defeat, sadness and my heart just went out to her! I gave her a hug and she shed some tears ... I told her ... "It's going to be alright! I know exactly how you feel b/c your story was my story!" If only I would have had someone to tell me that during those first few weeks! It was definitely one of those God-ordained moments that I will never forget! I hope that I can use my experience to help many more mothers out there! I know there are a few people that really helped me make it through my first few months (Darla, Dixie, Mom, and Jan)! You ladies will never know how much you touched my life!! Thank you!!

Finally, the biggest encourager and support in my life: My ROCKSTAR hubby! Thanks Nate for your unconditional support!

Now that I am done, you may ask, what are you looking forward to most? Wearing a normal bra!! :) (For all you nursing mamas out there, you know what I am talking about!)

Thanks readers for all your encouragement throughout the 11 1/2 months!! It has been a journey to say the least! I sure hope breastfeeding baby #2 is a lot easier, but if it isn't ... I know how to deal!!



The Berry Family Six said...

Allyson --
I wish I could give you a big hug. You had many hurdles and obstacles...yet you persevered and look what you accomplished!! I'm so thrilled for you-and excited to see what the next stage of life with that sweet baby girl of yours brings! Way to go Mama!!!

Kira said...

That's awesome you stuck with it despite all of that. I would probably not be able to say the same. I know what you mean about the sad last time, but it is also a huge relief! I am not looking forward to stopping with Aubrey, but there are days when I am counting down the months when I just wanna be me! Congrats!

Unknown said...

I am so thankful to have found you at support group. You have no idea how much you and Libby helped me. There were many times that all I wanted to do is cry and throw in the towel with not only breastfeeding but with the feelings of failure as a mother. I looked forward to each week for you guys to tell me it will get better. I am glad we have a friendship that I hope continues to grow and thank you for being a big supporter of me. Many hugs to you.