Thursday, November 12, 2009

We sure gotta girly-girl on our hands...

This afternoon Sophia and I headed over to Charlie's house for a playdate! It was so great to see Kathy and Charlie, as our last "date" was back in the summer! Both kids have grown and developed so much since they last played!! Charlie is your typical boy and Sophia is definately a typical girl. It is amazing at such an early age they display characteristics of their sex!

When we arrived, Charlie was so intrigued by Sophia. He loved grabbing her hair, wanted to get so close to give her a hug, and thought they should be best buds! Sophia on the other hand wasn't so sure about a "boy up in her face!" I know in 15 years I can only pray she doesn't want "boys in her face!" Ha! Nevertheless, our two kiddos quickly warmed up to each other! It was fun to see them interact. Sophia needs a good "toughing-up" session anyways!!

I told Charlie that before we left for the afternoon, Sophia needed to follow his example and crawl! Somehow I think the language barrier (baby talk to English) jumbled my message!! She thought it was hilarious to watch him walk behind his shopping cart and crawl like a race horse!! He thought it was hilarious to listen to her say "Dadadadadada" over and over and over again!!

We had a wonderful lunch! (Thanks Kathy!) The kids looked at each other during the meal and started talking baby! It was so cute! Sophia would say something and Charlie would just laugh at her!! It is almost as though they understood each other!!

"Here mommy, wanna puff?"

We look forward to our next playdate!! Too bad we don't live closer, or we could see each other more often!!


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Erin P said...

Cute! Hey, I think we have that same outfit! Is it black pants with little white hearts on them and a velour top?